An evening exacly as you wish

We are happy to offer you all kinds of arrangements. For example, it is possible to enjoy dinner with a (large) group, when you are having a great night and get to know the Greek kitchen. Of course, we make sure that the evening will be just like you had it in mind. Therefore, we are happy to hear about your demands and wishes with respect to the arrangements. It could, for example, be possible to put together your own menu, which will be right within the limits of your budget. Thereby, we would like to serve you for any kind of party of celebration to ensure you a great evening and night.

Also on location

Our beautiful location is of course open to any party of celebration, but we also offer you the option to serve you a buffet at your own or chosen location. This might be the best option for you when you would like to celebrate in the open air. We are able to offer you a maximum of 140 couverts inside and another 100 couverts when you would like to make use of our beautiful garden and terrace.

Come ejoy at Minos Pallas

Book online, or give us a call. We’re looking forward to seeing you!