Greek specialties

The Greek recipes are known for the different, delicious, fresh ingredients and that is exactly what Minos Pallas uses. We pick the freshest vegetables, the best herbs and spices, to ensure a truly authentic taste. Next to that, you will feel like you are actually present in our loved home country: Greece.

Prepared with care

Of course, we offer various dishes to make sure that you are able to taste any part of Greece, just how you like it. Thereby, we can offer something delightful to anybody, without any exception. We always prepare our foods with utmost care, in our fair and open kitchen. By this means, you are able to actually see our cooks preparing and cooking your food. Therefore, you will be able to see that we work highly hygienic, to ensure the best dishes. Next to that, we make sure everything is proper and clean, to ensure all possible space for the delicious tastes.

Come ejoy at Minos Pallas

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