Bar & Lounge

Enjoy a wonderful evening

We have both a bar and a lounge, offering you the opportunity to have a drink and enjoy a wonderful evening. Of course, we offer some of the best Greek drinks, to offer you the option to get to know our Greek local culture. Our bar is made up out of marble, which in combination with the various cocktails we offer leads to an excellent basis for a great evening. During the evening, an highly enjoyable atmosphere will meet the Greek ambiance in which anybody will feel at home quickly.

Come relax in the lounge

Next to that, you might enjoy one of our drinks in the lounge. Here, you have to option to sit back and relax when you are enjoying the Greek, but modern atmosphere. Of course, you are able to order the various Greek drinks, to enjoy both the great ambiance and ideal feeling of joy. Thereby, we offer a separate smoking area to make sure you are able to enjoy your cigarette during both summer and winter time when you are having a great night out. In that way, you are able to optimally enjoy your stay and benefit from the homely, but modern and attractive atmosphere and ambiance.

Come ejoy at Minos Pallas

Book online, or give us a call. We’re looking forward to seeing you!